Are Your Favorite Foods Causing You Pain?

Are Your Favorite Foods Causing You Pain?

Let's talk about desensitizing dental treatment in Laramie, WY

Do you often feel a sudden, aching pain whenever very hot or cold food touches one or more of your teeth? According to the experts at Albany County Family Dentistry, that’s dental sensitivity. It occurs when some of the enamel is missing, or part of a tooth’s root is exposed. This sensitive surface is very painful when exposed to heat or cold. It’s often caused by rough brushing, tooth grinding, gum disease or extreme dental treatments.

A desensitizing dental treatment such as special toothpaste may be used to make the area less painful. If this doesn’t work, a bonding dental treatment that involves covering the sensitive area with resin may help.

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Fluoride saves the day again!

Minor dental sensitivity may be treatable by your old friend fluoride. If your enamel needs a boost in strength and eating has become painful, your dentist may prescribe a special fluoride tray to strengthen up your teeth. This desensitizing dental treatment should ease the discomfort. If you need further treatment, a bonding dental treatmentmay be needed.

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